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"Carlos restrepo charmed his audience"

Carlos Restrepo and his guitar was alone to play in front of an audience conquered from the first notes. He transported the music lovers to Colombia, with a soft, sensual warm music whose notes vaulted the listeners."
Journal l’Alsace
Journal l’Alsace, France.
When we met Carlos Restrepo in 2019 and engaged him for a concert, we were moved and deeply moved by his profound, colorful and very expressive sound design on the guitar. Carlos Restrepo is a musician who thinks in the finest nuances of sound and thereby lets a colorful kaleidoscope of colors and impressions sound painterly. He is a musician who can portray tonal structures vividly and with great differentiation, and it is not surprising that the music of Johann Sebastian Bach is particularly close to his heart. Bach's most important solo works in transcription for guitar are an integral part of Carlos Restrepo's core repertoire and he continues to discover new facets in these works and hidden things become visible. This ability and the urge to discover hidden and multi-layered things in Bach's music and to present them tonally in a complex arrangement of polyphony is very rare among musicians of his generation. In addition, Carlos Restrepo impresses with a very broad spectrum of literature and repertoire beyond the "mainstream" and his concerts are therefore a very special experience. It was an absolute enrichment and an inspiring experience for our cultural association to have presented this fantastic musician in the context of our concerts.
David Bund
Chairman - Haus der Kultur Freiburg e.V